Slade wrote this song on actual life experience. No matter how the song maybe interpreted, the physical meaning is to try intervine to help and individual who is depressed and alienated.  The outcome is to help this individual accept mistakes and move forward in a constructive way.  This person will admit to everything as the song lyrics indicate.  The person doesn't necessarily commit suicide, but he or she may remain in a destructive mode.  As an act of intervention, this can be an ideology that someone steps in to intervine.  Slade decided to keep his life on a positive spin by volunteering for an organization with troubled teens.  He worked with teens who were drug addicts that practiced self harm.  While working on this song, Slade put into the lyrics, the friend needs to be confronted about his fear and blame.  Otherwise this  prevents them from handling problems in the present to move forward.  In the lyrics Slade writes about a Mentor, one that is credible. Slade within lyr


Most folks are compasionate to friends and family. What do you do when someone new just crosses your path that you are not ready for?  What do you do if you are unsure? Are you still willing to let your guard down and practice compassion? That's an interesting question.  Are you willing to be compassionate in a scenario as such?  Do you show empathy?  Are you selfless?  Do you practice acts of kindness with unconditional love? These are all tough things to do outside of your friends and family circle.  Please don't judge strangers or criticize, even if you have walked in their shoes.  Would you be willing to advocate on their behalf?  I hope the answer is yes.  I'm practicing this in the moment.  If I'm advocating something, I better be living it.  A thought for your Thursday.  Michelle Beckle is a Life and Music Coach.  At Beckle Studios we pray for people as led.  My hope and prayer is to change or transform someone's life.  623.755.3916.   #Lifecoach #Motivation


 Everyone has a choice in life that's clear cut.  Do you want to bring change into your life?  You have the ability and power within yourself to make that change a reality.  You have external and internal circumstances.  If you recognize you may not be able to control the external and or internal stimuli that's a first step.  How you respond to this stimuli is a choice.  You can let it defeat you or raise you up.  You need the define what your outcome will be to this. Define your current problem.  Add a list of the reasons you want to implement change.  A life coach can help you there.  Write down all the great things that happen once this change is complete.  This will motivate you if your tempted to not move forward.  Take small steps.  Change is a process not overnight.  Personal transformation I repeat will never be an over night process.  Change can occur by allowing other people into your life to help direct where the change is necessary.  Allow others and invest the time


 Sullivan Street is a street in Lower Manhattan.  From 2012, the neighborhoods ran from Broome Street to Washington Square, then thru the neighborhoods of Hudson Square.  It runs in a parallel direction with McDougal Street.  Here the Sullivan Gardens Historic district is located.  Part of the Street is named for Revolutionary War Major John Sullivan in 1799.  Prior it had the name Locust Street.  Historically this is interesting.  For Counting Crows they released this Album in 1993.  Duritz was 29 years old.  He lived in Maryland, Texas, and California.  He graduated from Head-Royce School in Oakland.  He was the son of two physicians.  The Sullivan Street Duritz wrote about is in San Pablo, California.  Michelle Beckle is a Life and Music Coach 623.755.3916.   I love being a creative Influencer through the writing.  This blog is dedicated to my best friend and client in Rhinelander, WI.  She is my favorite doctor by the way.


 What is special about June 27th?  On this day the first women's magazine was published in England (Ladies Mercury).  The first color TV demo in NYC.  An atomic power station first opened is USSR.  Have an amazing Tuesday everyone.  Michelle Beckle is a Life and Music coach 623.755.3916. 

A Thought For Your June 27

 Willpower is inner strength.  It comes from our mind and not imposed on us by the outside world.  No one can give it to you, as you already have it yourself.  Willpower is the inner engine that propels us into action.  Bella Tindale. Michelle Beckle is a Life and Music Coach 623.755.3916.


When do add someone as a friend on Facebook?  This is a controversial topic to blog on.  It can have profound affects on your personal and business life. What is your comfort level with this individual having access to seeing you as a person by your updates.  They will now have access to your photos, they can tag you in photos, status updates, and check-ins.  Sometimes a person you don't know can have hidden motives.  You should proceed with caution unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt this is a good thing.  When you block someone in Facebook consider doing so if text messages because abusive or inappropriate. Do you remember the movie ROMANCING THE STONE?  This movie was a about a romantic adventure writer who was hurled into the Columbian jungle in order to save her sister.  She would be killed if the captors did not receive the treasure map.  The writer is assisted by a mercenary.  Together they find them gem.  The reality is that there are many sad and broken people in th